CytoOne® Bottle Top Filtration Units

  • Suitable for sterile filtration of tissue culture and microbial media, buffers, reagents and other laboratory solutions
  • Available as a complete system or funnel-only
  • Includes adapter for connecting to vacuum hose
  • Ergonomic bottle shape with molded finger grips
  • Patented SECUREgrasp™ cap provides a convenient gripping surface plus a frosted area for labeling
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The patented, innovative CytoOne® Bottle Top Filtration Units feature a High Flow Velocity 0.2 µm PES (Polyethersulfone) membrane that is perfect for filtering Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) and other viscous solutions. The membrane is low protein binding and surfactant-free. CytoOne® Bottle Top Filtration Units are available in 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml complete systems or funnel-only. All units are sterile and manufactured from USP Class VI polystyrene in an ISO 13485 clean room, FDA regulated facility. CytoOne® is compatible with the patented CytoOne® Pedestal and Cradle Ring. These optional docking stations provide hands-free filtering and a stationary vacuum hose connection, allowing for efficient set-up and quick use while preventing spills and contamination Features in the hood.

› Optional, docking stations for hands-free operation are available separatelynull
› Made with USP Class VI materials in a class 100,000 cleanroomnull
› Manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified facilitynull
› Certified non-cytotoxic and pyrogen freenull
› Sterilenull
Free of endotoxinsyes
Free of heavy metalsyes
Pyrogen freeyes

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