TipOne® Repeat Dispenser Tips - 1.0ml
TipOne® Repeat Dispenser Tips
TipOne® Repeat Dispenser Tips - 1.0ml
TipOne® Repeat Dispenser Tips

1.0 ml TipOne® Repeat Dispenser Tips (Non-Sterile)

  • Compatible with a wider range of dispensers
  • Available in eight volumes – new 0.1 ml tip!
  • High accuracy and precision
  • Lower dispensing forces
  • ISO 8655 manufactured
  • Certified RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free
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1 Bag × 100 Tips
TipOne® Repeat Dispenser Tips are available in volumes 0.1 ml to 50 ml. These high quality dispenser tips have a polypropylene cyclinder and a polyethylene piston. They are certified RNase, DNase, DNA and Pryogen free.

› Tip volume recognition with Multipette® Plus
› Up to 100 dispenser steps with Multipette® Plus
› Extended piston length of most tips minimises dead air volume, improves reagent delivery and provides easier access to narrow vessels
› High accuracy and precision
› Lower dispensing forces
› Available non-sterile bulk, or sterile individually wrapped
› Colour coded adapters supplied with 25 ml and 50 ml tips
› ISO 8655 manufactured

TipOne® Repeat Compatibility
› STARLAB: RepeatOne® Dispenser
› Brand: Handystep® Manual, HandyStep® S and HandyStep® electronic
› Denville: Faststepper®
› Eppendorf: Multipette® 4780, Multipette® Plus*, Multipette® stream and Multipette® Xstream**
› Gilson: Pipetman® and Distriman®
› Rainin: AutoRep® E, AutoRep® S and AutoRep® M
› Ritter: Ripette®, Ripette® pro and Ripette® genX
› Sartorius: Biohit® Mechanical Stepper, Biohit® eLine® Pro, Biohit® and eLine® Lite
› Scilogex: Stepmate®
› Thermo Fisher: Fisherbrand® Repeat Stepper and Finnpipette® Stepper

* Works only with old sensor (prior to service).
** For use with models manufactured prior to Dec 2013 only.

Technical Highlights

Volume1.0 ml

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Pack Size1 Bag × 100 Tips
Volume1.0 ml

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