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Image – E2796-3090.jpg - photo

Easy Pierce Film (PCR)

  • Piercable, silver heat-sealing film
  • Use with polypropylene or polyethylene plates
  • Easy to pierce with needle, metal probe or pipette tip
  • Resistant to DMSO
  • Temperature use: -80°C to 80°C*
  • *During PCR, film can withstand temperatures to 120°C if adequate pressure/support is provided by thermal cycler lid
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1 Box × 100 Pcs.
All heat seals offered by STARLAB are suitable for PCR and one has superior optical clarity and is also suitable for Real-Time PCR.

Important note for Real-Time PCR (qPCR)
Please check that both the plate AND the sealing option are suitable for Real-Time PCR applications.

Technical Highlights

Suitable for PCRyes
Easy to Pierce with Needle or Metal Probeyes
Easy to Pierce with Pipette Tipyes
Low Auto-Fluorescenceno
Low ‘Tack to Touch’ Adhesiveno
Optically clearno
Pack Size1 Box × 100 Pcs.
Plate type compatibilityPolypropylene, Polyethylene
Resistant to DMSOyes
SealHeat sealing
Short-Term Storage and Incubationyes
Suitable for PCRyes
Suitable for Real-Time PCR (qPCR)no
Superior Optical Clarityno
Max. temp.80 °C

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