CytoOne® Cell Scrapers

  • Silicone blade gently raises / lifts the cells from the surface so fewer cells are destroyed
  • Soft silicone ensures better contact between the blade and the surface of the flask, dish or plate
  • Pivoting blades pivot the full 360° around the handle for easy access to flask corners
  • Flexible ABS handles for easy handling inside flasks
  • Gamma sterilised
  • Individually wrapped and in convenient inner packs of 25
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Rich harvest!
CytoOne® scrapers comprise a gentle silicone blade and an ABS polymer handle. They are available in three sizes for cell harvesting in a variety of dishes,
flasks or plates:

› 11 mm fixed blade with 220 mm straight handle for plates and dishes
› 10 mm pivoting blade with 250 mm single angle handle for small flasks
› 12 mm pivoting blade with 320 mm dual angle handle for larger flasks

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