0.5ml Plain Skirted Tube, Natural Standard Screw Cap (Sterile)

  • Routinely tested to 20,000 x g
  • Sterile and certified RNase, DNase, DNA, PCR Inhibitor and Endotoxin free.
  • Tubes supplied ready assembled with natural standard caps with o-ring seal.
  • O-ring forms a seal against the rim of the tube

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£ 39.44
250 Tubes (5 Bags × 50 Tubes)
Assembled sterile tubes & caps
A range of sterile and pre-assembled microtubes, available with a range of different cap styles. Supplied in convenient, resealable mini bags which stand up on your bench. Suitable for many applications from sample storage in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen through freezer to boiling.

Technical Highlights

g-Force max.20,000 x g
Volume0.5 ml
Cap styleNatural standard cap
DNA freeYes
DNase freeYes
Free of endotoxinsYes
PCR inhibitor freeYes
Pack Size250 Tubes (5 Bags × 50 Tubes)
RNase freeYes
Tube BaseSkirted
Tube StylePlain
g-Force max.20,000 x g
Volume0.5 ml

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