Starlab BREXIT Contingency Planning: Statement 
With the ongoing preparations for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU on 31 October 2019, STARLAB is committed to ensuring zero to very little impact on the supply of our products and services to our customers.

Supply Chain and lead-times
In readiness for the potential impact our EU withdrawal may have on the supply of products to our customers, contingency plans on the supply chain of our products from Europe are in place. We have been working closely with both UK and European hauliers to ensure we can keep a constant supply of products to our customers.Below are just some of the arrangements already put into place. We have ensured that we are using both British and European Hauliers, but are looking to control most of our imports with British hauliers, and importers worldwide.

Extra warehousing/pallet space has been secured in the UK, and increased stock levels on our top selling lines will be maintained to ensure a constant supply. Our aim is that our increased stocking levels will offset any potential backlog at ports following Brexit, so a constant supply will be maintained both to our warehouse and to our customers.

STARLAB also foresees no potential risk as far as staffing levels are concerned; we employ a small number of EU Nationals, all of whom will apply for pre-settled status, thus continuing the skill base within our distribution area.

STARLAB will not be using Brexit as an excuse for blanket price increases, although we will carry out our usual annual price review in January 2020. At this stage, it is still not clear what changes might lie ahead with regards to import duties or tariffs, especially if the withdrawal results in a No Deal exit. STARLAB would like to assure its customers that any price increases that result from Brexit will kept to an absolute minimum.

As the whole country waits to see how the UK will trade with Europe post October 2019, STARLAB would like to ensure our customers that we are doing everything possible to safeguard the excellent service and delivery times we currently provide.


August 2019