About the Service

Caltech is the UKAS accredited Pipette Calibration Service of STARLAB (UK). Our team of fully-trained technicians can service and calibrate ALL brands of pipette: single and multi-channel, manual and electronic, repeaters, pipette controllers and bottle-top dispensers, and will ensure the accuracy of your pipette to the last drop...

We offer:

Mail-in pipette servicing

  • Convenient service, as and when you need it
  • Quick turnaround
  • Free* return postage via Courier

On-site pipette servicing

  • Ensures minimum, pipette down-time for end-users
  • Low minimum of pipettes, or day rate available
  • Convenient when the whole lab's pipettes need servicing
  • Each on-site service is tailored to suit individual requirements
  • Pre- and post-clinic consultations to ensure everything runs smoothly

For both the mail in and on-site servicing, you can choose from:

Four standard service levels:
We offer four, standard service levels, but should one of these not suit your requirements, contact us for...

Customised Servicing:
We can service your pipettes to your exact requirements. Just let us know what you need, and we'll give you a competitive quote.

UKAS Calibration:
UKAS is an internationally recognised standard which ensures full traceability of data, and requires both internal and external quality control.
See the UKAS website for more info on accreditation and it's benefits.

Download a copy of STARLAB's UKAS Certificate by clicking here.

It's the little extras that make the difference!

STARLAB prides itself on being an innovative and customer-focused company. We offer, as standard, the following extras for our servicing:

  • Pre and Post-Clinic Consultations: We will meet you before each clinic to ensure everything will run smoothly, then meet you again for a debriefing session after the clinic so we can inform you if we spot any servicing trends that require attention. This allows us to make constant improvements to our service and allows you to save money in the long term.
  • For multi-channels, we perform a reading on EVERY channel as standard. Did you know that some companies only calibrate three channels on multi-channel pipettes?
  • Certificates on USB: Certificates for on-site clinics are provided all together on one USB stick.
  • No hidden charges: we will notify you if major parts need replacing - no surprise invoices from us!

*UK mainland only.