ErgoOne® Starter Pack (Example)
ErgoOne® Starter Pack (Example)
ErgoOne® Starter Pack (Example)

ErgoOne® Micro Starter Pack

  • Two ErgoOne® single-channel pipettes: 2.5µl & 10µl
  • Two racks of 10/20ul XL Graduated TipOne® Tips, (Sterile)
  • Two Self-Adhesive Acrylic Pipette Shelf Holders
  • One STARLAB Lab Timer
  • One STARLAB promo pen/screen stylus

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1 Box × 1 Piece
Every day, pipettes are confronted with multiple tasks that must be exact and precise. Reliability is key in the laboratory and your pipette must be trusted to perform well, day in, day out. Start your new pipetting experience with ErgoOne® single-channel pipettes and original TipOne® tips - the perfect pipetting partnership! Starter Packs also include one Self-Adhesive Shelf Holder for each pipette, plus a STARLAB Lab Timer and a STARLAB pen/screen stylus.

› Minimal operating forces
› Leightweight ergonomic design
› Colour coded
› Volume lock
› Universal tip fit

ErgoOne® Micro Starter Pack contains:
1x S7100-0125 (0.1 - 2.5µl ErgoOne® Single Channel Pipette)
1x S7100-0510 (0.5 - 10µl ErgoOne® Single Channel Pipette)
2x racks of sterile TipOne tips
2x E3099-0001 (Self-Adhesive Shelf Holder for 1 Pipette)
1x STARLAB Lab Timer
1x STARLAB promo pen/screen stylus
Pack Size1 Box × 1 Piece

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