CytoOne® Multiwell Plates

  • Complete 360º chimney wells prevents crosscontamination and provides uniform temperature transfer across all wells
  • Gripping areas on plate bases for secure handling
  • Vented skirt reduces condensation and surface tension between stacked plates
  • Moulded alpha-numeric matrix
  • Optical clarity provides distortion-free microscopy
  • Certified RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free
  • Gamma sterilised and individually-wrapped
  • Suitable for both single-cell isolation work and upscaling
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Premium plates
Choose tissue culture treated plates for optimum cell attachment and growth or non-treated for suspension cultures. The non-reversible lids have condensation rings to minimise contamination and are vented to improve gas exchange. Lids also feature support tabs that minimise surface contact when set aside or propped open and a frosted writing surface at one end for labelling.

All plates are manufactured from crystal clear premium grade, nontoxic virgin polystyrene and are supplied individually wrapped with the lot number on the packaging.

Tissue culture treated plates
› Provides optimum cell attachment and growth
› Suitable for both single-cell isolation work and upscaling

Non-treated plates
› Ideal for hybridoma or lymphocyte culture
› Suitable for both single-cell isolation work and upscaling

Minimising the 'edge effect' with CytoOne®
CytoOne® plates have chimney wells with a complete 360° open channel around each well. Filling the channels with medium during incubation helps reduce clumping of cells towards the edges, resulting in a more uniform cell layer. Tests were carried out on six other brands of 96-well tissue culture plates which were seeded and incubated under the same conditions as CytoOne®. All display an edge effect which could affect the integrity of our your data. Download the Product Data Sheet for full details.

Technical Highlights

DNA freeyes
DNase freeyes
Pyrogen freeyes
RNase freeyes

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