CAPP® Multi-Channel Pipettes

  • Colour-coded volume controls for ease of selection
  • Volume lock to prevent drift
  • Dual O-rings for precise tip fit – every time!
  • Fully autoclavable (except volume control)
  • 8- and 12-Channel Pipettes are compatible with STARLAB‘s TipOne® tips
  • 384-Format tips available for 16-, 48- and 64-Channel models
  • 3-year warranty
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from £ 538.95
High throughput pipetting!
CAPP® pipettes are supplied with variable volume controls which are colour-coded for ease of selection. Fixed volume controls can also be purchased separately, allowing you to convert your pipette (within its specified volume range) to a fixed-volume pipette. The fixed-volume controls are available at a substantially lower cost than buying a standard fixed-volume pipette.
OperationMechanical, separate control button and ejector
Pipetting typeAir-cushion

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