Puntali per Beckman Coulter®

Puntali adatti per Biomek® 1000 e Biomek® 2000

I puntali robotici STARLAB sono progettati secondo le stesse specifiche tecniche dei produttori degli strumenti originali, per assicurare la massima compatibilità ed un inserimento perfetto. Non rischiate di perdere tempo e di compromettere i vostri risultati usando materiali difettosi e di scarsa qualità! Con STARLAB, potete contare su articoli di consumo di una società che offre molto più che semplici puntali.
Tutti i recipienti robotici sono certificati RNase, DNase e DNA free

Tips suitable for Biomek® 1000 and Biomek® 2000

STARLAB robotic tips are engineered to the same specifications as the original, equipment manufacturers’ tips to ensure compatibility and a consistent fit. Do not risk having your time and results compromised with defective materials and poor performance! With STARLAB, you can put your trust in disposables from a company that offers much more than just tips.

All robotic tips are certified RNase, DNase and DNA free.

Quality Control
Quality Control is the essential factor which gives you the freedom to walk away from your automated workstation and get on with other tasks. You need the assurance that the tip will not let you down. STARLAB robotic tips are put through stringent and thorough testing. Every lot of tips is subject to an array of demanding tests, from the geometry of the tip itself to automation-specific requirements such as clean ejection from the liquid handling head. Every lot is required to meet or exceed the parameters necessary to give you that confidence to walk away.

Tips are tested on the original robotic equipment so there is no doubt they will perform to the same requirements as the disposables from the robot manufacturer themselves.

No Special Set-Up Required!
STARLAB robotic tips require no instrument hardware of software adjustment, thereby providing a simple, safe and direct high-performance substitute.