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Are you looking for an eco-friendly and safe alternative to racked sterile tips?

Racked tips produce a large amount of plastic waste which leads to high disposal costs. Significantly reduce plastic waste with the TipOne® Sterile Refill System and reuse the  tip racks again and again with the confidence that tip cleanliness is never compromised. The TipOne® Sterile Refill System fulfils your lab’s requirements for high-purity tips or filter tips.

  • Individually wrapped
    No risk to contamination and exposure of the tips
  • Complete contamination prevention
    The refill is completely enclosed to protect the integrity of sterile product
  • Quick and easy to use
    The complete refill is placed into the rack, remove the lid and you’re ready to go

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Are you environmentally conscious and want to do your bit for the environment?

STARLAB is passionate for science and passionate for sustainability in science. The TipOne® Sterile Refill System significantly reduces waste volume compared to racked tip use. Used racks with hinged lids create a lot of space with a large amount of plastic waste, which leads to high disposal costs.

  • Less waste! Up to 65% less waste than conventional racked tip packaging
  • Less space! Up to 20% less space needed for storage and transportation
  • Minimize disposal costs!
    with significantly reduced plastic waste. Not only are TipOne® racks being reused, the clear refill shells are nestable to minimize total waste volume
  • 100% Recyclable! All components of the refill are made from recyclable Polypropylene

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Sterile Tip Refills: as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Contamination-free handling

Confidence to buy from the expert on the market?

STARLAB launched the TipOne® pipette tip system in 1998, introducing the sterile tip refill system over 5 years ago. During those five years the sterile refill has been put through its paces by numerous customers. It is safe, easy to use, and an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to sterile racked tips.

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Product Information: Sterile Filter Tip Refills

Product Name Cat. No. Packaging

10 µl Graduated Filter Tip (Sterile)
S1121-2710 960 Tips (10 Refills × 96 Tips)
S1121-2710-C 7,680 Tips (80 Refills × 96 Tips)

20 µl UltraPoint Graduated Filter Tip (Sterile)
S1123-1710 960 Tips (10 Refills × 96 Tips)
S1123-1710-C 7,680 Tips (80 Refills × 96 Tips)

10/20 µl XL Graduated Filter Tip (Sterile)
S1120-3710 960 Tips (10 Refills × 96 Tips)
S1120-3710-C 7,680 Tips (80 Refills × 96 Tips)

20 µl Bevelled Filter Tip (Sterile)
S1120-1710 960 Tips (10 Refills × 96 Tips)
S1120-1710-C 7,680 Tips (80 Refills × 96 Tips)

50µl Bevelled TipOne Filter Tip (Sterile)
S1120-2710 960 Tips (10 Refills × 96 Tips)
S1120-2710-C 7,680 Tips (80 Refills × 96 Tips)

100µl Bevelled TipOne Filter Tip (Sterile)
S1120-1740 960 Tips (10 Refills × 96 Tips)
S1120-1740-C 7,680 Tips (80 Refills × 96 Tips)

100µl UltraPoint Graduated Filter Tip (Sterile)
S1123-1740 960 Tips (10 Refills × 96 Tips)
S1123-1740-C 7,680 Tips (80 Refills × 96 Tips)

200 µl Graduated Filter Tip (Sterile)
S1120-8710 960 Tips (10 Refills × 96 Tips)
S1120-8710-C 7,680 Tips (80 Refills × 96 Tips)

300µl Graduated TipOne Filter Tip (Sterile)
S1120-9710 960 Tips (10 Refills × 96 Tips)
S1120-9710-C 7,680 Tips (80 Refills × 96 Tips)

1000 µl XL Graduated Filter Tip (Sterile)
S1122-1730 960 Tips (10 Refills × 96 Tips)
S1122-1730-C 3,840 Tips (40 Refills × 96 Tips)

1000µl Filter Tip (Sterile)
S1126-7710 960 Tips (10 Refills × 96 Tips)
S1126-7710-C 3,840 Tips (40 Refills × 96 Tips)


Product Information: Sterile Tip Refills

Product Name Cat. No. Packaging

10/20 µl XL Graduated TipOne Tip (Sterile), Refill
S1110-3710 960 Tips (10 Refills × 96 Tips)

200 µl Bevelled TipOne Tip, (Sterile), Refill
S1111-1710 960 Tips (10 Refills × 96 Tips)

200 µl Bevelled TipOne Tip, Yellow (Sterile), Refill
S1111-1716 960 Tips (10 Refills × 96 Tips)
TipOne® 200 µl UltraPoint Graduated Tip
200 µl Graduated Ultrapoint TipOne Tip, (Sterile), Refill
S1113-1710 960 Tips (10 Refills × 96 Tips)
TipOne® 200 µl UltraPoint Yellow Graduated Tip
200 µl Graduated Ultrapoint TipOne Tip, Yellow (Sterile), Refill
S1113-1716 960 Tips (10 Refills × 96 Tips)
TipOne® 300 µl Graduated Tip
300 µl Graduated TipOne Tip, (Sterile), Refill
S1110-9710 960 Tips (10 Refills × 96 Tips)

1250 µl XL Graduated TipOne Tip, (Sterile), Refill
S1112-1730 960 Tips (10 Refills × 96 Tips)