Safe • Reliable • Easy

Work with your valuable samples without cross-contamination

STARLAB’s new GuardOne® Workstation provides the ideal workspace for sensitive and critical applications requiring a clean environment, or protection from potential contaminations by bacteria, DNA or RNA. GuardOne® minimizes cross-contamination risk and protects your valuable samples and reagents, and saves you the time of not having to duplicate your work.

GuardOne® Workstation 48“ (120 cm)

The GuardOne® Workstation with silent, energy-saving fan, real-time airflow measurement and two stage filter system creates an ISO 5 cleanroom environment* to improve your results. The UV lamp with timer function allows you to easily decontaminate the working area whenever needed. Made from optically-clear, UV-impermeable polycarbonate, GuardOne® provides the user with an optimal view while working and full protection from harmful UV when decontaminating. A safety-switch on the sash door prevents UV use while working.

The touchscreen is fully compatible with laboratory gloves, making the operation of GuardOne® as easy as possible.

Every aspect of GuardOne® has been designed with convenience in mind. All functions can be controlled via the intuitive touchscreen that is compatible with laboratory gloves. The integrated lab timer, constant monitoring of the UV lamp and the HEPA filter lifespan will ease your work further. You can check the GuardOne® status at glance at any time using the color coded status indicator on the touchscreen.

*Laminar flow models only