Cell Strainers with three different mesh sizes
Cell Strainers with three different mesh sizes
Designed to perfectly fit into 50 ml centrifuge tubes
Cell Strainers with three different mesh sizes

70 µm Cell Strainer, White (Sterile)

  • Uniform nylon mesh size of 70 µm (colour-coded)
  • Extended lip on the strainer enables aseptic handling with forceps
  • Designed to fit perfectly into a 50 ml centrifuge tube
  • RNAse, DNAse and Pyrogen free
  • Gamma sterilised

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50 Pcs. (50 Box × 1 Pcs.)
STARLAB Cell Strainers are intended as a fast, easy and simple alternative to traditional filtration when dissociating stem cells and other tissue-derived primary cells. They yield consistently uniform single-cell suspensions that are ideal for preparation of samples for flow cytometry, Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS), and other applications related to cell separation. Available in 40 µm, 70 µm, and 100 µm color-coded mesh variants. Cell strainers are made from USP Class VI materials.

Technical Highlights

DNase freeYes
Pack Size50 Pcs. (50 Box × 1 Pcs.)
Pyrogen freeYes
RNase freeYes

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