E4780-1456_0.45µm Syringe Filter, PES (Sterile), Yellow, ⌀ 33 mm

0.45 µm Syringe Filter, PES (Sterile), Yellow, ⌀ 33 mm

  • PES Membrane for fast flow and low protein binding
  • High burst pressure ensures safe operation
  • Large filtration surface area allows you to filter your sample more easily
  • Low hold-up volume provides maximum recovery of your solution
  • Surfactant-free membrane for cleanliness in downstream applications
  • Filter type printed on the filter for ease of identification
  • Convenient, larger pack sizes
  • Gamma sterilised

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1 Bag × 100 Pcs.
Nearly half the hold up volume of some other syringes on the market!
STARLAB's Syringe Filters are an economical choice due to the maximum recovery of your solution. Manufactured using the latest technology, these 33 mm diameter filters are suitable for volumes 10–200  ml. Use for cell culture media and additives, biological solutions and buffers.

Technical Highlights

MembranePES Membrane
Pack Size1 Bag × 100 Pcs.

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