ErgoOne® Multi-Channel Pipettes

  • Minimal operating forces
  • Leightweight ergonomic design
  • Colour coded
  • Volume lock
  • Universal tip fit
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A great tool to speed up your pipetting process

ErgoOne® multi-channel pipettes are designed in accordance with the latest ergonomic principles. The pipette is extremely easy to use and has minimal operating forces to help prevent hand fatigue. ErgoOne® multi-channel pipettes provide accurate and precise pipetting in a variety of volume ranges.

As one of the most frequently used instruments in the laboratory, pipettes must also be comfortable to use and provide the features you need. ErgoOne® pipettes combine researcher-requested features with the latest ergonomic principles to provide optimum performance. ErgoOne® gives you accuracy and precision you can trust, with a stylish new look you will love.

Lightweight and extremely easy to use, ErgoOne® can be trusted to provide accurate and precise pipetting all day, every day. Use with STARLAB’s TipOne® pipette tips for the perfect pipetting partnership.

ErgoOne® is designed to fit all popular pipettes without any loss of accuracy and precision.

› Fully autoclavable
› UV-resistant
› Low maintenance
› Made in Germany
› 3-year warranty
Available options12-channel, 8-channel, 1-channel, Multi-channel, Single-channel
OperationMechanical, separate control button and ejector
Pipetting typeAir-cushion
*ErgoOne® Multi-Channel Pipettes are designed and constructed for the low-contamination transfer of liquids, in particular for samples from the human body and for reagents within the scope of an in-vitro diagnostic application in order to allow the in-vitro diagnostic medical device to be used as intended. The pipette is an in-vitro diagnostic device according to Directive 98/79/EC of the European Parliament and the Council dated 27 October 1998. It is intended exclusively for indoor use and for operation by qualified staff.

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