ErgoOne® Pipettes, group
ErgoOne® Pipettes, group
ErgoOne® E single and multi-channel pipettes provide reliable pipetting every
day. Ergonomic and lightweight, ErgoOne® E pipettes are perfect for comfortable
pipetting during long periods of use.
1. Colour coding - matches the colour coding of TipOne Tips
2. Ergonomically designed - Finger rest ensures comfort and ease during use
3. Contoured chemically-resistant PP handle
4. Lightweight
5. Fully autoclavable - Can also be UV sterilised
6. Easily removable tip ejector for fast cleaning
7. Universal tip fit!
8. Integral, rust-free tip ejector
9. Reduced diameter tip ejector - For easy access into small tubes
10. Volume display - Positioned so it is visible during pipetting, 4-digit volume display for greater accuracy,
for right and left-handed
11. Smooth action tip ejector
12. Volume lock - Prevents drift during use
ErgoOne® Pipettes, group

ErgoOne® Single-Channel Pipettes

  • Minimal operating forces
  • Leightweight ergonomic design
  • Colour coded
  • Volume lock
  • Universal tip fit
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Setting the new standard in pipetting

Every day, pipettes are confronted with multiple tasks that must be exact and precise. Reliability is key in the laboratory and your pipette must be trusted to perform well, day in, day out.

As one of the most frequently used instruments in the laboratory, pipettes must also be comfortable to use and provide the features you need. ErgoOne® pipettes combine researcher-requested features with the latest ergonomic principles to provide optimum performance.

ErgoOne® provides you with accuracy and precision you can trust, and a stylish new look you will love.

Lightweight and extremely easy to use, ErgoOne® can be trusted to provide accurate and precise pipetting all day, every day. Use with STARLAB’s TipOne® Tips for the perfect pipetting partnership.

ErgoOne® is designed to fit all popular pipette tips without any loss of accuracy or precision.

› Low maintenance
› Made in Germany
› 3-year warranty
› Fully autoclavable
› UV-resistant

Availaible in the UK only: UKAS Certification
Do you need your new pipette supplied with UKAS Certification? We can supply your brand new pipette with a UKAS Certificate of Calibration. Simply order the calibration at the same time as ordering your new pipette. We wil perform a 3.10 AS Found UKAS Calibration on the pipette prior to shipping, and enclose the Calibration Certificate with your pipette.
Available options12-channel, 8-channel, 1-channel, Multi-channel, Single-channel
OperationMechanical, separate control button and ejector
Pipetting typeAir-cushion
*ErgoOne® Single-Channel Pipettes are designed and constructed for the low-contamination transfer of liquids, in particular for samples from the human body and for reagents within the scope of an in-vitro diagnostic application in order to allow the in-vitro diagnostic medical device to be used as intended. The pipette is an in-vitro diagnostic device according to Directive 98/79/EC of the European Parliament and the Council dated 27 October 1998. It is intended exclusively for indoor use and for operation by qualified staff.

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