PlateOne® Deepwell Plates, 1.0 mL plate

PlateOne® Deepwell Plates

  • Virgin polypropylene plates with SBS footprint
  • Highly visible printed matrix
  • Pierceable mats reseal after use
  • The chemically resistant mats can be used with DMSO and other solvents
  • Plate temperature use: -80 ºC to 121 ºC.
  • Autoclavable  
  • Certified RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free
  • Sterile plates are also pyrogen free
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STARLAB 96 and 384 Deepwell Plates are high-performance plates for all manual and automated applications – from sample storage at -80 ºC to DNA denaturation at 100 ºC. Manufactured from pure polypropylene (PP), these plates offer innovative features: More dependability. More efficiency. More stability.
DNA freeYes
DNase freeYes
RNase freeYes

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