Decontamination Form

All pipettes for calibration (whether via mail-in or on-site servicing) must be properly decontaminated and accompanied by a completed Pipette Decontamination Declaration form confirming it's safe for us to work on. The return of your pipette may be delayed if we do not receive this form with your pipette.

Pipette Decontamination Declaration Form (DOCX, 37KB)

Please use the following form if you are using the Mail-In Service for UKAS Calibration:
Pipette Decontamination Form (for UKAS Calibrations via Mail-In ONLY)
(DOCX, 53KB)

Decontamination Procedure

Please note that these decontamination procedures are intended as a guide only. All pipettes must be decontaminated according to your institution's own guidelines and according to the type of contaminant present.

Pipette Decontamination Procedure: ChemgeneĀ (PDF, 86KB)
Pipette Decontamination Procedure: Distel (PDF, 98KB)