Starlab is committed to improving sustainability in science and we pride ourselves on being a green company.Starlab works on long-term strategies to reduce the company’s impact on the environment for both the products we manufacture and the day to day running of the business.  Our green ideas start with our “reduce, reuse, refill, recycle” philosophy for greener products.

As an ISO 14001 accredited company, we continually review our internal processes to ensure we maintain and implement good, green sustainable practices for all areas of the business. All aspects of the business which have an environmental impact are continually monitored with the view to improving performance. STARLAB also believes team morale is important and in invests in our people by encouraging the training and development of all staff. As an innovative and consultative company that builds close professional ties with its customers, Starlab takes customer feedback back to our R&D team so researcher-requested features can be incorporated into new products, thus both improving our product range and benefiting the end-user in their daily laboratory routines. STARLAB’s business ethos is one of fairness, honesty and transparency for everyone with whom it deals, and to provide our customers with high quality products and services at a fair price.

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TipOne Recycling Collection Service

STARLAB offers an easy to use and convenient recycling service for TipOne customers.

See our Get Green with STARLAB brochure for more information on our green initiatives and the recycling service.


The TipOne pipette tip system includes refill systems that significantly reduce the amount of materials used for their mainufacture, compared to racked tips. More importantly, the refills promote the reuse of TipOne racks already out in the field, thus reducing waste even further. The non-sterile refills are designed so autoclaving is not necessary and certification is not compromised during racking. Where autoclaving is needed, our TipOne racks have been tested to withstand at least 100 autoclave cycles while still retaining its stability, strength and shape. Our sterile tip refills are fully enclosed for 100% contamination-free racking, and provide an economical and eco-friendly alternative to sterile, racked tips.

It’s easy to recycle with STARLAB

No need to separate different plastics! No labels to remove! All components of the TipOne system are made from recyclable Polypropylene so the rack, the refill wafers, the clear refill packaging and the layers from the Stack Rack can all go into the same recycling bin.

Sign up for our recycling collection service!

We can set up recycling collections to suit your individual lab or site-wide requirements. Collections can be arranged at regular intervals or we can collect your recycling on an ad-hoc basis as when you have enough recycling to be collected.

Download: TipOne Recycling Collections fact sheet

To set up a recycling collection service, contact your Account manager, or the STARLAB office on 01908 283800 or at

Download: Biohazard Free Recycling Declaration Form

IRLA: Better Prices, Ethically Traded

Special project to tailor the existing (IRLA) lab consumables agreement for LUPC members

There is more to buying well than simply getting a good price. It’s about balancing quality, sustainability and good value.

The original IRLA tender process looked carefully at suppliers’ sustainability and carbon management policies, environmental impact, travel plans and even their community investment programmes; but the only question relating to ethical trading was whether they uphold the minimum standards set out by the International Labour Organisation. LUPC took this a step further, and using the nine elements of the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code, compiled further information on each supplier to establish where they meet recognised ethical trading standards.

Across the 11 lots, there are 16 suppliers of lab consumables. Each was invited to participate in this project, and 10 responded; STARLAB being one of them.

STARLAB, along with the other 9 suppliers who responded, provided satisfactory non-core product contract prices, agreed to adopt the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code and have provided details of monitoring, reporting and auditing systems of these base codes across their entire supply chain.

Download LUPC – Ethical Trading Document