StarGuard® Protect

  • Combines strength and durability for everyday protection
  • Comfort, tactile sensitivity and consistent grip
  • Excellent chemical splash protection
  • Longer glove length (250 mm) covers the wrist

Technical Details

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Category III | AQL 0.65 | violet blue nitrile gloves | textured fingers | length: 250 mm | 100 pcs. per box

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Strength and durability for reliable protection
A strong, comfortable glove that provides reliable protection against day-to-day laboratory hazards.

Recommended for use when:
› Everyday protection requires strength and durability
› You are looking for excellent chemical splash protection
› A combination of protection and reliable, consistent grip is needed
› Protection is crucial while performing delicate tasks

Everyday protection from hazards
Nitrile gloves provide the best chemical splash resistance in a disposable glove, as well as excellent barrier protection against biohazards, water miscible substances, weak acids, and alkalis (pH 4 – 10), aliphatic solvents, and oil and grease.

Outstanding chemical breakthrough times
› Acrylamide (40%) > 480 mins
› Ethidium Bromide (5%) > 480 mins
› Gluteraldehyde (50%) > 480 mins

For everyday, reliable protection
The durable but soft material offers excellent comfort while performing delicate tasks, without compromising splash protection.

Technical Highlights

Exteriortextured fingers
Colorviolet blue
Length250 mm
Finishtextured fingers
Exteriortextured fingers
Colorviolet blue
Length250 mm
Thickness (Cuff)0.09 mm
Thickness (Finger)0.18 mm
Thickness (Palm)0.11 mm
Minimum elongation before aging (%)500
Elongation after aging (%)400
Tensile strength before aging (MPa)30 MPa
Elongation after aging (MPa)29 MPa
Force at break before aging (N)10 N
Force at break after aging (N)11 N
Shelf life3 years
PPE 89/686/EECPersonal Protective Equipment (PPE) Category III
MDD 93/42/EECMedical Device Class I
EN374-2level 3
EN374-3 / EN16523-1in compliance, splash protection
EN455 parts1,2,3in compliance
ISO 11193-1in compliance
ISO 21171in compliance
ASTM F1671in compliance
ASTM D6124in compliance
* The StarGuard® Protect was examined and certified by an independent notified body as personal protective equipment (PPE) category III in conformity with EU Directive 89/686/EEC. User must comply to the manual and limits of usage. Moreover, this product is also a medical device class I in conformity with EU directive 93/42/EEC.

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